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Chinese medicine is a pre-scientific system of thought and practical development deeply rooted in a philosophy of body, health and disease that is so different from Western philosophy. The Chinese system is not less logical than the Western, just less analytical.


In order to gain a complete picture of your health and lifestyle, a full medical history will be taken. Then a number of different diagnostic methods are used, which include looking at your tongue, and taking twelve radial pulse readings. With the information, a diagnosis and treatment plan will be formed. The acupuncture points used are selected according to your symptoms; here sterile single-use needles will be inserted and safely disposed of after every treatment.

Patients often ask how long their course of treatment may take. Changes may be felt as a result of the first treatment however further follow up sessions are recommended, though frequency and number of treatments depend on the individual condition. For example in the case of hay fever, one or a couple of treatments may well be all that is required to alleviate symptoms.


Rystwood Farm Hartfield Road Forest Row
East Sussex  RH18 5NE

Parking is available

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours prior to treatment will be charged in full


Tracey’s three year Bachelor of Science degree in acupuncture, included not only rigorous study of Chinese medicine, but all aspects of Western medicine, enabling Tracey to understand health issues from both perspectives and able to treat accordlingly.

Trained in both Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine-style Acupuncture, Tracey is trained also in Stems and Branches. This is a unique style of acupuncture that is deeply seated in Chinese astrology, looking at the energy of the season and year.

Tracey is also a qualified massage therapist. Massage, cupping, moxibustion, and or acupressure may be used as an adjunct to acupuncture, or independently depending on diagnosis or patient preference.


Monday to Saturday


Initial consultation (70-75 mins) – £55.00

Follow-on treatments (50-60 mins) – £40.00

Babies and young children (40 minutes) – £35.00

Home visits can be arranged at extra cost

To book, or for further information contact:

07885 285294


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