“Tracey’s ability and professionalism to enable the shoulder and body of a 77 year old to still follow his passion for playing 2 hours of tennis every week, is truly amazing.”
–  Alan, West Sussex

“I would recommend Tracey and her acupuncture treatment to all. My hay fever was cured in 2 treatments and I no longer need to take medication to control it. In addition Tracey helped alleviate the severe morning sickness I had been suffering for several weeks. She is a great therapist!”
–  Charlotte, West Sussex

“I would recommend Tracey to anyone who feels below par in any way.  She has recently helped me to recover quickly from chronic fatigue though Acupuncture and Yoga.  Not only have I fully recovered but I feel better than I did before I was ill.  Her knowledge is immense and her excellent understanding of both Acupuncture and Yoga therapy are evident.  She fills her clients with confidence and courage, is considerate, intuitive and gentle while being fun to work with. I have really enjoyed my journey so far and will continue to work with Tracey in the future.”
–  Cora, Surrey

“I didn’t have the first clue how acupuncture worked, or even thought that you could feel better by someone sticking needles in you, but Tracey is amazing. I cannot believe how by feeling my pulse, she knows where to stick the needles and knows what needs fixing. I come away thinking OK, nothing’s happening, then maybe a couple of hours later the pain I was feeling, or the illness I had, starts to fix itself. I am astounded every time visit!”
– Deborah, London


How yoga can change your life

From easing chronic pain to helping with weight loss and improving flexibility.

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