In these unprecedented times a lot of mental traffic is likely to build and as a result the production of physical as well as mental tension. We often shut out the body’s growing discomforts by retreating further into our oppressive thinking process. As the ‘traffic’ builds, we can become more and more unwilling to experience our body and mind in a full and direct way. Yoga offers us a space in which to slow down mentally. Slow doesn’t necessarily mean easy, or boring, a tag the mind often attaches to the practice in order to remain operating at high speed!

Yoga today

In recent years the perception of yoga has significantly shifted, and many modern revisions are offered today. Some of these emerging variations, particularly as practiced in America and trickling into the UK, are deviations, and have little or no connection to traditional practice. One may do postures for years and then be ready for yoga. When this is truly understood, then the authentic nature of the practice begins.

With so many emerging ‘styles’ on offer, new students may be easily confused, even regulars get puzzled by all the names. A name can be a helpful guide, but perhaps students who remain royal to a brand are missing out by not varying their practice. Every practice is an individual and unique experience: in a pose, one student’s “tough” may be “effortless” to another, while a sense of peacefulness may settle with ease during a session, the next time you are on your mat mental quiet may be far from achievable.

Yoga moves live online

Yoga is a practice for everyone, no matter what your age or state of health. It’s never too late to start.

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Tracey initially started yoga to support being a long distance runner however quickly grew to appreciate that the flexibility and strength she was gaining were a bonus compared to the internal state of calm the practice evoked; an awareness of peacefulness and how to expand upon that peace was unlike anything she had ever known.

After many years of varied practices as a student of yoga, Tracey completed her teacher training in London with her first teacher Saraswati Neville, an initiate of Swami Vishnudevananda of the Sivananda tradition, where she also trained to teach yoga in pregnancy. Her theoretical studies continue and she regularly retreats with the Triratna Buddhist Community.

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