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“I have practiced yoga for many years although on and off depending on commitments – now I have found Tracey as a teacher I do not think I will ever have any more gaps! Tracey has an amazing ability to guide you through the postures in a clear and understandable way and most importantly for me her passion for yoga and the whole ethos is inspirational. She clearly believes in and loves what she does which means she comes across so naturally, imparting not only her knowledge but the whole wonderful experience of what can be gained through yoga and meditation for everyone; all the while not forgetting that we are all individuals and to practice to your own level mindful of your own body and well being. She is a truly wonderful teacher and definitely works for me!”
– Diane, West Sussex

“I first came to know Tracey through her yoga classes at Chartham Park. I had been practicing yoga for a couple of years with some very good teachers, but it was when I started learning with her that I really began to understand the impact yoga can have. With Tracey it’s not just about the body, but the mind and soul as well. Thanks to her I’m fitter and stronger, not just physically but mentally, and better equipped to deal with life. I now see her for acupuncture sessions as well as for yoga tuition. She is a very unusual and special person with an unerring ability to identify exactly what is needed. I simply can’t recommend her highly enough.”
– Jane, Surrey

“Tracey is a fantastic teacher who pitches each lesson at just the right level for me. She has a relaxed teaching style and makes each lesson enjoyable with the perfect balance of relaxation and exercise as well as building on the skill levels from the previous week. I have seen a huge improvement in my technical ability, flexibility and stress levels since Tracey has been teaching me.”
– David, West Sussex

“Her teaching style is a wonderful blend of strength partnered with gentleness. As I am physically challenged to move through the postures, which she describes and demonstrates clearly and accessibly, Tracey is also guiding me through the mental discipline of centering myself and letting go of the ego at the same time. She has helped me to understand how my body can work in harmony with my mind, helping me develop my own approach to Yoga which will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
– Mary, Kent

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